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Mangosteen peel extract

Mangosteen peel extract


Botanical name: Garcinia mangostana L.



                           The peel and the fruit of mangosteen contain mangostin which are being investigated for their antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It is used as a treatment for infected acne or anti-ulcer cream.


Properties of Garcinia mangostana L.

  • Antibacteial and anti-acne treatment
  • Anti-inflammatory: great for relieve inflammed acne
  • Anti-wrinkle : protecting against free radical to skin
  • Anti-allergy: relieve allergy in which alpha-mangostin protects against histamine and serotonin that are released from mast call when the body is exposed to unidentifiable substance.
  • Anti-aging and photodamge with UV protection: protect skin from sunlight.