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Nano-vitamin C

Nano-vitamin C


                                     Keep your skin healthy by making

sure you get enough of antioxidant vitamin.



                     Vitamin C is an antioxidant that slows the rate of free-radical damage -- free radicals are unstable molecules that damage collagen and cause skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. New research shows that ascorbic acid 2-phosphate, a derivative of vitamin C, not only neutralizes free radicals, but also reverses DNA damage.

                  Research suggests that vitamin C may also reduce sunburn caused by exposure to ultraviolet B radiation and prevent the consequences of long-term sun exposure, which can lead to skin cancer [sources: University of Maryland Medical CenterBouchez].




Benefits of Nano-vitamin C

  • Revitalizing
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Removing the dead skin cells
  • Skin whitening
  • Pore tightening
  • Improving scar and blemish
  • Removing black head
  • Reverses DNA damage.