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Neoderma complex

Skinesia’s exclusive ‘Neoderma complex’


An advance anti-aging/anti-wrinkle technology,

 Gives your skin a timeless look.






                          Neoderma complex® is an anti-aging active product that induces in the dermis the synthesis of specific key proteins involved in the maintenance of the skin structure by fibroblasts (collagen type I, collagen type III, tropoelastin and elastin).


  • Neoderma complex® is an active ingredient containing Methylglucoside-6-phosphate (MG6P), Proline, Lysine and Copper. Methylglucoside-6-phosphate is a biotechnology-activated sugar that provides energy after its metabolization.
  • Proline, copper and lysine à collagen and elastin synthesis
  • Neoderma complex® à reactivate aged fibroblasts (senescent) à increased viability and procollagen I synthesis , very quickly just after 3 days of treatment.
  • One study showed, Neoderma complex® à stimulate fibroblasts in aged living skin à synthesis of collagen type I, collagen type III, tropoelastin and elastin, very quickly just after 6 and 11 days of treatment àyounger skin properties
  • The clinical investigation performed on human volunteers confirms the effects of Neoderma complex®. Neoderma complex® treatment.
  • Neoderma complex® à promotes the synthesis in dermis of key proteins involved in skin structure and elasticity: collagen type I, collagen type III, tropoelastin and elastinàrejuvenation of human aged skin.




Neoderma complex®’s mode of Action




Conclusions on clinical investigations


The clinical investigation has shown that after 15 days to 60 days of treatment, the cream with 1% Neoderma complex® significantly statistically improves the following clinical parameters:

• Increasing collagen density

• Improvement of skin micro relief by reducing skin anisotropy

• Increasing skin firmness and elasticity

• Reduction of the depth and volume of wrinkles




Neoderma complex® improves by about 7.5 times the skin collagen density after 15 days and gives equivalent results after 60 days.





Neoderma complex® at 1% improves the skin microrelief by reducing the anisotropy of the skin respectively by 25 and 2.5 times after 15 days and 60 days




Neoderma complex® 1% in comparison to placebo induced after 15 days and 60 days statistically

significant improvements of skin elasticity respectively of +60%* and +44%




          Neoderma complex® 1% significantly improves skin firmness (by 12 to 13 times) and elasticity (at least 44% corresponding at least to 1.6 times) at D15 and D60 in comparison to placebo.








Neoderma complex® at 1% significantly decreases the depth and volume of the wrinkles at D15 in comparison to placebo (-15% of wrinkles’ depth and -13% of wrinkles’ volume).




Summary of results from clinical investigation performed on human volunteers.



Reference: Induchem, Switzerland