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Shiso extract

Shiso Extract 


Shiso Extract is a natural anti-allergic & immune regulating substance derived from the green perilla leaves grown in Hokkaido, Japan. Clinically proven that effectively treats skin irritation, allergy, acute&chronic inflammation and dermatitis.


Traditional uses of Shiso leaves have included herbal medicinal applications such as; a digestive aid, to treat acne and topical dermatitis, for intestinal disorders, and as an

anti-bacterial substance.



Immune regulation


As immune regulator, Shiso Extract has

an anti-inflammatory value inhibiting the

production of TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor).

TNF is recognized as an important host

defense factor. TNF production and its

activity is linked with allergic reaction,

therefore inhibiting overproduction of

TNF is an advantageous step toward the

suppression of acute and chronic inflammation.

TNF is one of the essential factors in the

human body, however, prolonged exposure

to TNF might contribute to the wasting of

the host which is associated with many

chronic disease states. Shiso Extract stabilizes the over-stimulated immune system and restore it to its normal activity level without side effect.


Anti-Allergic effects


Research shows Shiso Extract

is effective in all the types of

allergy. Shiso Extract has been

found to inhibit IgE overproduction,

as well as TNF overproduction,

therefore it is also effective on asthma



Clinical use


Shiso Extract is used for the

treatment of some allergy diseases

such as atopic dermatitis and hey-

fever at several medical institutes

in Japan, and suppression of

inflammation or itch.