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 Natural, Safe, and Effective,

One of the best whitening agents of this century.


  • αArbutin is a new type of active compound for beautifying and whitening the skin.
  • α-Arbutin can be rapidly absorbed into the skin and selectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, therefore obstruct the melanogenesis without altering the normal growth of the epidermal cell or inhibiting the expression of tyrosinase itself.
  • α-Arbutin also promotes decomposition and excretion of melanin, therefore, reduces the deposition of skin pigment and removes color spots and freckles.
  • The α-Arbutin involved processes neither produce hydroquinone, nor have other side effects including toxicity, irritation and sensitization of the skin.
  • These properties result in α-Arbutin being the safest and most effective skin-whitening and spot-removing substance developed to date. α-Arbutin also helps disinfect and moisturize the skin and eliminate inflammation.
  • It also helps the wounded skin recover.



Mechanisms of Skin Whitening


                       White and radiant skin has always been one of the gold standards for a beauty. It is well known that the color of skin is due to level of melanin and rate of blood flow in and under the skin. Color spots and skin pigmentation are directly related to melanin pigmentation.

                      Melanin is produced by melanocytes in top layer of the skin. It protects prickle cells and basal cells beneath from UV rays by absorbing and reflecting irradiation energy. Melanin shields basal cells from being hurt, burnt or mutated. The unharmed basal cells can then propagate and differentiate to form healthy and elastic skin. If the capability of melanin synthesis decreases, the skin will become more sensitive to UV rays. This is believed to be the reason that skin cancers occur more often in European countries than that in African countries.

                      Therefore, a safe and effective whitening product must not alter melanocytes while inhibiting melanin formation. α-Arbutin is exactly such a product.


How does α-Arbutin work?

  • α-Arbutin inhibits the activity of mammalian tyrosinase through a mixed mechanism of action.
  • It selectively inhibits tyrosinase without affecting the genetic expression of tyrosinase itself and it doesn’t disturb the normal growth of the epidermic cells and melanocytes.
  • Further more, the α-Arbutin involved processes do not produce hydroquinone, which makes α-Arbutin a safe and highly effective tyrosinase inhibitor.





Human Skin Melanin Study


The study compare the effect of α-Arbutin with that of β-Arbutin in 34 volunteers demonstrated that 1% α-Arbutin has a faster and more pronounced skin lightening effect than 7% β-Arbutin. After one month of application the melanin levels of α-Arbutin users were significantly lower than those of before the application, which meant that α-Arbutin not only inhibited the stain formation, it also helped to dissolve the pigmentation. Theses two mechanisms make α-Arbutin superior to its beta arbutin.



The L value is an index for measuring skin color. When skin color becomes lightened, L value also increases. Human Skin Melanin Study on 34 volunteers demonstrated that α-Arbutin helped inhibit the stain formation in the process of stain forming, while it obviously helped accelerate dissolve the pigmentation in the process of spontaneous regression.